The space industry is a very special sector in which product quality must address the most stringent and demanding requirements, such is the challenge of the environment in outer space.

The components and sub-systems developed by Exxelia Group are selected for used in:
– calculators,
– DC/DC converters,
– sensors,
– control circuits for directing solar panels or antennae,
– microwave power modules,
– synchronized clock generators…

Several of our product ranges have been qualified by ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) and ESA (European Space Agency), the inter-governmental space agency that coordinates joint space projects involving some twenty European countries.

Exxelia Group also works in close collaboration with CNES, the French National Space Research Center (, responsible for proposing France’s national space policy within the European framework, to the French government, and then implementing it.

Our customer references include:
Thales Alenia Space, Tesat, Airbus Defense and Space, RUAG, ISRO, Mitsubichi