Our values

For over 50 years, Exxelia Group has developed through a policy of acquisitions, diversifying its product offerings for highly specialized markets (aeronautics, defense, space, medical, rail and transportation, manufacturing, energy, oil exploration, and telecommunications). Exxelia Group’s policy is defined by strong values: Excellence, Service, Innovation, Quality, and Openness.

Our corporate project

To develop its business and provide the very best customer service, Exxelia Group has key values:

  • we value our customers: willingness to listen and understand are instrumental in our policy to satisfy customers, deliver solutions and achieve excellence. Our lasting relations and the trust of our suppliers and partners enable us to respond and adapt fast,
  • we value our commitments: a guarantee of autonomy and quality, Exxelia Group’s actions always take into account all the key factors that contribute to the delivery of a solution embodying the right technology to ensure efficiency and match customer needs. Exxelia develops products that are progressively innovative, and explores new avenues of technology,
  • we value people: our personnel have skills that guarantee our performance levels and we strive to enable each individual to develop and find fulfilment while contributing to the implementation of our corporate project. Teamwork and respect for others are also vital values at Exxelia Group that contribute to improving the quality of our service,
  • we value quality and the environment: forExxelia, controlling and assuring the quality of all the operations in each Business Unit is key to satisfying our customers in terms of product development, timeliness and conformity. Each site’s constant efforts to improve its manufacturing processes and the dedication of our personnel have earned acknowledgement and certifications.