Exxelia Group timeline


Exxelia Group is made up of companies acquired for their know-how and expertise in the manufacture of high-tech electrical and electromechanical solutions. Their strengths have established Exxelia as an international leader in a wide range of markets: aeronautics, space, rail and transportation, defense, medical, manufacturing, energy, and telecommunications.

Eurofarad ( Exxelia Technologies) was incorporated in 1965 as a specialist in the design and manufacture of ceramic, plastic film and mica capacitors, filters, precision potentiometers, slip rings and high-precision mechanics.

Firadec ( Exxelia Tantalum)  was incorporated in 1960 as a spin-off of Roussel-Uclaf Group and was acquired by MBO in 1977. Firadec’s specialty is the design and manufacture of solid and wet tantalum capacitors.

Sic Safco ( Exxelia Sic Safco) : S.I.C was incorporated in 1921. It merged with SAFCO, becoming SIC-SAFCO in 1954. It is specialized in the design and manufacture of electrolytic aluminum capacitors.

Microspire ( Exxelia Microspire) was incorporated in 1978 and acquired by Exxelia in 2008. It is a specialized custom designer and manufacturer of wound magnetic components.

Astema (Exxelia Maroc) was incorporated in 2008 as a result of a series of mergers. Temex Morocco was originally founded in 1998, becoming Astema when it was acquired by Exxelia in 2007. Similarly, Microspire Morocco, also founded in 1998, and merged with Astema at the end of 2008. Astema specializes in the assembly of components and complex electronic modules and the manufacture of magnetic components.

Dearborn Electronics (Exxelia Dearborn) was incorporated in 1952 and acquired by Exxelia in 2011. Dearborn Electronics is specialized in the manufacture of film capacitors and EMI filters.

Temex Ceramics (Exxelia Temex) was acquired in 2012 by Exxelia Group. Its specialty is the manufacture of passive RF and microwave components and ceramic capacitors.

Vertura (Exxelia Vietnam)  was incorporated in 2012 by Exxelia and specialized in the manufacture of wound magnetic components, module assembly and testing.

RAF Tabtronics (Exxelia RAF Tabtronics) was acquired in 2015 by Exxelia USA and specialized in design and manufacturing of custom electromagnetic transformers, inductors, coils and power conversion assemblies

N’Ergy (Exxelia N’Ergy) was acquired in 2015 and was specialized in design and manufacturing of passive specific electromagnetic components in small and medium range.