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Firadec, a spin-off of the Roussel-Uclaf Group in the 1960s, was incorporated in 1979 and acquired in an MBO in 1977. It joined Exxelia Group in 1998. Exxelia-Firadec has a 7,660 m² production facility at Saint-Nazaire in Brittany, France. Exxelia Firadec becomes Exxelia Tantalum in 2015.

Exxelia  Tantalum has been manufacturing tantalum capacitors for over 40 years and offers products using both this family’s technologies, namely solid tantalum capacitors (wire or SMD technology) and wet tantalum capacitors, which offer higher capacitance-voltage ranges and excellent high-temperature functionality.

Series-parallel combinations are also available in the form of standard or custom modules. A new conductive polymer-based technology is now also available, enabling significantly lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) levels than traditional technologies.

Exxelia Tantalum (ex Firadec)

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