Quality and service

Exxelia Group constantly strives to control the quality of all its operations in each Business Unit, in order to satisfy its customers, notably in terms of development, timely delivery and product conformity.

Each site has received certification, acknowledging both our policy of continuous process improvement and the total commitment of our employees.

To maintain and control our level of excellence, the Quality departments regularly conducts comprehensive checks of the company’s structure and applies international standards and requirements. Our aim is to remain attuned to our customers’ needs and to foster trusting relationships.

The Quality department collaborates with each Business Unit in a supporting role, bringing expertise, appropriate analysis tools and structured methods for all the situations we are liable to encounter (e.g. audits and testing). Thus, Exxelia Group has a wide range of testing resources including vibration testing, radiography, climate test chambers, SEM … for products subjected to low or high voltage.

The Quality departments focus particularly on the space industry, with its especially demanding performance and reliability demands. Under the responsibility of a Chief Inspector, a dedicated organization is set up to apply the rigorous checks specified by the ESA (European Space Agency). Each site is certified by ESA and CNES (the French National Center for Space Studies).

The Quality department at Exxelia Group, with the support of our technical departments, gives advice and recommendations to our customers on how to optimally use our products.

Finally, to guarantee the precision of our products, the Quality management ensures that we manage Exxelia’s measurement equipment and monitors the quality of procurement from our suppliers.

Exxelia Group is committed to unfailing customer service quality, particularly as regards to the highest level of OTD (On Time Delivery). The efforts made by each Business Unit, our speedy response, willingness to listen to our customers, and the team spirit that we develop every day, have been key in the improvement of our performance levels, acknowledged by the positive feedback we receive from the field.

Certifications et Homologations

Exxelia Maroc (ex Astema)

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Exxelia Dearborn Inc.

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Exxelia Technologies (ex Eurofarad)

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Exxelia Tantalum (ex Firadec)

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Exxelia Magnetics (ex Microspire)

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Exxelia Sic Safco

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Exxelia Temex

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Exxelia Vietnam

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