Our commitments: an overview

Exxelia Group designs and manufactures innovative electronic and electromechanical solutions that offer high levels of performance and reliability.

For over 50 years, Exxelia Group has been focusing its business on the design and manufacture of innovative high-tech solutions: capacitors, filters, precision mechanics, sensors and associated systems, and magnetic wound components. All these products are engineered to withstand the harshest environments in the space, aeronautics, defense, rail and transportation, medical, industry, energy, oil exploration and telecommunications sectors where we work for major actors actors? in each sector. The durability and reliability of our products have established Exxelia Group as an internationally recognized group. Because Exxelia Group has a long-term commitment to its customers, it dedicates its know-how and human resources to innovation.

Exxelia Group is an international company, headquartered in Paris, France. Our sales and marketing forces, customer service, and R&D and production capacities are deployed worldwide.

Exxelia Group has made the environment, employee safety, hygiene and health, and ethical issues an integral part of its corporate policy. This encompasses our commitments to:

  • improving our products and manufacturing processes,
  • minimizing industrial risks and firmly implementing hygiene and working conditions,
  • ensuring the safety of our employees and industrial facilities,
  • conducting inspections to ensure that processes are applied in compliance with regulations,
  • drawing up prevention schemes to reduce the number of incidents, accidents in the work place and occupational hazards,
  • training employees and fostering awareness on HSE issues,
  • ensuring that our suppliers comply with environmental, safety and health policies and with applicable local, national and international regulations,
  • encouraging careful use of energy within the company,
  • constantly improving the company’s environmental management system and its
    performance levels,
  • ensuring the security and protection of data and property, including buildings and equipment,
  • applying ethical professional practice in relations with third parties.

To achieve these goals, Exxelia Group’s Management Committee oversees the implementation of rules and takes initiatives to drive the group’s commitment and responsibility to new heights.