Exxelia Group builds enduring and balanced relations with all share the stakeholders in its member companies. Sharing the same set of ethics guarantees cohesion and contributes to guaranteeing the successful development of our manufacturing activities within a responsible framework. This principle applies to every individual in every Exxelia Group company and also extends to our customers and suppliers.

This policy is a key aspect of our performance. In an ever more competitive international business environment, we make every effort to deploy a sense of collective responsibility. Exxelia Group invests all its energy to promote integrity, honesty and equality within its companies. We focus on making all our personnel aware of the need to develop a common sense of belonging, anchored in these values.

Customer satisfaction is central to our line of conduct and is the reason we insist on transparent dialogue, combatting fraud and corruption. We banish all forms of illicit practice liable to undermine the group’s values.

Trust is a driving force in our relations with our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

Finally, Exxelia Group is committed to an approach based on “Conflict Minerals Compliance”. This US law, enforced by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), demands complete traceability and a control mechanism for the mineral procurement chain, encouraging importers to buy only “certified” ore. Exxelia Group has undertaken to discontinue relations with suppliers that procure in countries with exploitative practices.