Our talents




Finished products operator and coordinator – Ceramics Business Unit

Experience: 22 years – Exxelia Technologies


My missions in production and coordination are very complete. On the production side, I am part of the production line and contribute to assembly, soldering, cutting, and visual checking of the ceramic capacitors.

My mission as a coordinator is very interpersonal and means a lot to me. In charge of the ‘Workshop program’ with other coordinators I manage the production schedule every day, anticipating the following day’s work load and distributing it among my team of two to five people. I also work with team members on specific operations that require versatility and dexterity.  I have to be attentive to needs, highly adaptable, capable of anticipation, and diplomatic. I am proud to be able to hand on my experience and exchange with my colleagues not only in the BU but also in other company departments. My career path at Exxelia Group has enabled me to develop professional and personal qualities, notably curiosity and a determined and positive attitude. For me human contact is a priority and my missions give me a chance to progress in that area.


Management, outsourcing – Logistics department

Experience: 16 years – Exxelia Microspire

LogistiqueI joined Microspire Morocco in 1988 before it became part of the Exxelia group as Astema. I supervised the whole logistics chain and set up the computer automation of our logistics. In 2005, with the ongoing training that Exxelia offered, I took a Master in industrial management and logistics. This training gave me a chance to progress and bring added value to the group. In 2012, an internal move gave me the chance to come to Exxelia-Microspire in France. My logistics skills and knowledge of how Exxelia-Astema operates have enabled me to dig deeper and develop the commercial and production relations between the two companies within the group. If a decision to manufacture a product leads to a collaboration with Exxelia-Astema, my job is to ensure that the time frame and the commitments are respected, along with the engineering work, the production processes and the raw material shipments to Morocco. In addition to the daily work with the sales assistants at Exxelia-Microspire, I also work with the Exxelia-Astema teams in Casablanca to ensure that the order book is properly managed. Working at Exxelia opens up international perspectives and gives your job a broader scope.

PICARD DavidDavid

Production technician– – Engineering BU

Experience: 13 years – Exxelia Technologies

FasaaThe machines and tooling designed in our business unit are used to make Exxelia products. I work in close collaboration with the group’s engineers and draftsmen. I bring them my practical expertise in these techniques. I study feasibility, make prototypes and offer solutions for the design of machines and tooling that will be useful, effective and match our technical and human needs. So I start with a need, an idea and I convert it into a reality. I am involved in finalizing the machines, tuning them, and testing that they work correctly. I am attentive to what my colleagues, who use them every day, have to say and I use this feedback to look for ways to enhance performance. These missions demand thoroughness and also the ability to step back and look objectively at the issues encountered. My job is to propose and take responsibility for projects.