Wound magnetic components

Wound magnetic components

Exxelia Magnetics (ex Microspire)

Exxelia Magnetics has been designing, developing and manufacturing wound components for over 35 years: transformers and inductors, electro-magnets, rotors and stators.

Its know-how includes standard winding technologies: linear (in RM, ETD, EP, EFD, ER, EQ and other formats) and toroid. For harsh environment applications with shock, vibration, and high temperature issues, Exxelia-Magnetics offers innovative specific technologies including SESI, TT and CCM.

Its wound magnetic components are designed to address the demands of the Defense, Aeronautic, Space, Medical, Rail, Oil exploration and industrial niche markets.

 Applications : Aeronautics, Defense, Telecommunications, Space, Oil exploration, Manufacturing and Energy, Medical, Rail-Transportation