Potentiometers (Exxelia Technologies)
For over 20 years the company Exxelia Technologies has been developing potentiometric sensors for civil and defense applications.
These products have been constantly improved and a range of new technologies are implemented to continue to bring our customers best of class quality.
The CSA business unit at Exxelia Technologies has special knowhow in the three basic techniques used to produce potentiometric sensor tracks:

• Wirewound technology
Very low contact resistance = 200 mΩ
Low temperature coefficient < 20 ppm
Low resistance values

• Conductive film technology
Infinite resolution

Smooth output voltage < 2.5 x 10-4
Very long service life

• Hybrid technology (associating wirewound and conductive film)
Long service life
Low temperature coefficient
Low resistance values

Our full understanding of the manufacturing process and the depositing of conductive polymers are key to our success in the field of potentiometric sensors:

  • with very long service life (>50 million cycles),
  • operating at a temperature range of -100°C to +250°C and even +400°C,
  • with rotation speeds up to 6,000 rpm,
  • supporting accelerations of 200,000 rad/s²,
  • offering very low microlinearity and microgradient,
  • with discrete voltage taps.

Exxelia Technologies uses these three technologies to manufacture potentiometric sensors in sizes ranging from 4 to 30, in single-turn or multi-turn versions, for a motion range of 10 mm to 1 m (and up to 3 m with wirewound technology).

The CSA BU can combine its sensors with mechanical or electronic systems that perfectly match the specific needs of its customers.

Applications: Aeronautics, Space, Defense, Rail, Medical, Oil exploration