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The purpose of low-pass filters is to block and filter out all high-frequency noise, letting through the meaningful signal in an undistorted form. Capacitors are key components in a filter and Exxelia Group has drawn on its experience and know-how in this field to offer a full range of products that ally performance and reliability.

The function of an antiparasite or noise filter is to reduce disturbance to an admissible level complying with the applicable standards, or to reduce the sensitivity of an appliance within a given frequency range.

For certain applications (HEMP – Lightning), protection against overvoltage is integrated or added to the filter. Antiparasitic filters are of the mismatched “low-pass” type, except for special applications in telephone networks, or in data transmission where they can be matched with impedance values of 50, 75, 100,120 or 600 Ohms in their band pass range.

These filters operate by impedance mismatch in a target frequency range. A filter is efficient if it reduces disturbance in this range. This is referred to as “insertion loss”. When selecting the structure of a filter, the source and load impedance of values within the target frequency range should be considered.

To address some applications, requiring mechanical adjustments, connection modes, or other specifications, it may be necessary to design a filter model or protection system not listed in our catalogue. In this case, the Exxelia Technologies engineering and research department for filters and protection systems can offer custom designs.


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