Assembly and wiring

Assembly and wiring (Exxelia Maroc)

With two production plants less than 6 miles apart in the Moroccan city of Casablanca, Exxelia Maroc offers its customers an outsourcing service based on two main areas of skills:

  • The assembly of components and complex electronic modules

–          HF diode packaging,
–          assembly and adjustment of gyromagnetic modules,
–          assembly and adjustment of quartz oscillators,
–          assembly and adjustment of high frequency filters,
–          antennae.

These assembly processes are based on a range of leading-edge technologies:

–          wire bonding,
–          vacuum metallization,
–          HF test equipment,
–          reliability test equipment.

  • The manufacture of magnetic components:

–          transformers,
–          selfs, inductors,
–          motors or sensors.

Applications: Aeronautics, Space, Automotive, Telecom, Defense Manufacturing